Australasian Dairy Science Symposium 2012

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Cows, plants and interactions

Diurnal variation in urine nitrogen concentration Gerald Cosgrove
Methane emissions from dairy cows fed fodder beet Arjan Jonker
Milksolids production of dairy cows grazing lucerne, pasture and lucerne-pasture temporal forage allocations. Lisa Box
Quantifying the ruminal degradation of nutrients in three cultivars of perennial ryegrasses sampled in  early spring Meaghan Douglas
The effect of pre-graze mowing on milk production of dairy cows grazing diverse pastures managed   under contrasting spring defoliation regimes Grace Cun
The role of stoloniferous red clover cv. Rubitas in establishing irrigated grass based pastures Richard Rawnsley
Nutritive characteristics and selection by dairy cows grazing four perennial pasture grasses Brendan Cullen
Demonstrating the value of herd improvement Michelle Axford

Feed production and feeding systems

Increasing species diversity in unirrigated ryegrass swards improves biomass production Elena Minnee
Effects of pasture allowance on milk production responses to increasing intakes of partial mixed rations   in spring. Martin Auldist
Feed intake and growth performance of dairy calves fed either low or high volumes of whole milk David Pacheco
A complementary forage system can be used to intensify production on irrigated dairy farms in the  Hunter Valley Michael Campbell
Improving perennial ryegrass persistence, productivity and utilisation in irrigated dairy pastures in  northern Victoria, Australia Kevin Kelly
Sowing date affects dry matter yield of fodder beet crops and farm profitability Edith Khaembah
Milk production and composition of dairy cows grazing two perennial ryegrass cultivars allocated in the morning and afternoon Ao Chen
Rumen degradability characteristics of five commercially relevant starch-based concentrate supplements Ruairi McDonnell
Nitrate–nitrogen accumulation in forage kale grown under varying amounts of water and nitrogen   fertiliser rates in shallow soils Emmanuel Chakwizira
Irrigation and nitrogen fertilisation impact the nutritive value of maize grown for silage Rafiq Islam
Individualised feeding of concentrate supplement to dairy cows Brian Dela Rue
Alternatives to palm kernel expeller as a supplementary feed option for dairy cows in New Zealand Ronaldo Vibart

Physiology, nutrition, reproduction and health

Metabolic and production responses to calcidiol treatment in mid- lactation dairy cows Rachael Rodney
Use of internal teat sealant in heifers reduces mastitis and increases milk production Sally-Anne Turner
Acetate to propionate ratio in ruminal fluid can predict methane yield of dairy cows Peter Moate
In vitro evaluation of the methane mitigation potential of a range of grape marc products. Peter Moate
The use of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on improving fibre digestibility and performance of lactating dairy cows Nicola Walker
Effects of prepartum dietary cation anion difference and source of vitamin D on dairy cows: vitamin D, mineral and bone metabolism Rachael Rodney
Effects of dietary fat on fertility of dairy cattle: a meta analysis and meta-regression Rachael Rodney
Alleles of the bovine histatherin gene are associated with varying somatic cell counts and milk    production in New Zealand cattle Sally-Anne Turner

Soils, nutrients and environment

Herbage yield and herbage nitrogen concentration of grass, legume and herb species grown at different nitrogen fertilizer rates under irrigation Kirsty Martin
Comparison of different cereal grains for their in vitro total gas and methane production Pablo Salvador Alvarez Hess

Technology, modeling, data and automation

The impact of a shaded pre-milking yard on a pasture based AMS Ashleigh Wildridge
Developing new indexes for early detection of clinical mastitis from electrical conductivity data in Automatic Milking Systems Momena Khatun
Validating the accuracy of an activity and rumination monitor in dairy cows grazing two types               of pastures. Juan Molfino
Simulating performance of Australian Holstein grazing cows using a lifetime nutrient partitioning model Phuong Ho
Dairy cattle industry and genetic improvement programmes in Thailand Santi Pangmao
Identifying systematic variation in the supply of home-grown feed of New Zealand dairy systems Mark Neal

Other themes

A novel serological assay for detection of Mycoplasma bovis infection in cattle Nadeeka Wawegama
Dairy Businesses for Future Climates Marg Ayre
Effect of timing of silage supplementation on nitrogen partitioning and milk production of grazing dairy cows grazing during Autumn Rubén Guillermo Pulido Fuenzalida
Effect of timing of silage supplementation on fed intake, milk production and grazing behaviour of dairy cows during Autumn Ignacio Beltran
Effect of timing of pasture and silage allocation on nitrogen partitioning and milk production of grazing dairy cows in Autumn Rubén Guillermo Pulido Fuenzalida
Understanding Pasture Performance – The Interaction Between Pasture Yield and Virus Load Colin Eady
How does stage of lactation and breeding worth affect drymatter intake, milksolids production, and      feed conversion efficiency of grazing dairy cows Omar Al-Marashdeh