Australasian Dairy Science Symposium 2012

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Conference Dates Nov 16 - 18

Speaker Presentations



Session 1: Welfare, intensification and value adding

Dry matter intake and feeding behaviour of grazing cows offered a mixed ration with or without canola Ms Marliene Wright
Responses of dairy cattle to acute heat stress in climate controlled chambers Ms Josie Garner
Cow milking order and its relationship with production in a pasture-based automatic milking system Dr Brendan Cullen
The additional effect of dairy farm intensification on farm operation, economics and risk Mr Warren Anderson
Session 2:  Cows, plants and interactions  
Social dominance and milk production of grazing dairy cows offered herbage at low and high allowance Mr. Omar Al-Marashdeh
Milk production from late lactation cows grazing temporally and spatially separated monocultures of plantain and pasture Ms Lisa Box
Effect of timing of pasture and silage allocation on behaviour, feed intake and milk production of grazing dairy cows Dr Rubén G. Pulido Fuenzalida
Milk yield and milk composition varies with milking order for pasture-based dairy cattle. Dr Cameron Clark
Session 3:  Labour, management and farm economics  
A comparison of the profitability of a dairy business with alternative investment options Dr Christie Ho
Investigation into cost of production and milk price for Australian dairy farms over the past nine years Ms Kerry Kempton
Where are the researchers? Implications of privatised extension networks Dr Barbara King
Session 4: Feed production and feeding systems Session  
Optimising summer defoliation residual height to maximise perennial ryegrass (lolium perenne l.), chicory (cichorium intybus l.) and tall fescue (festuca arundinacea schreb.) persistence and performance under different irrigation levels Mr Adam Langworthy  
Effect of moisture stress on the growth and recovery of four perennial ryegrass cultivars Dr Katherine Tozer
White clover: The forgotten ingredient of high producing pastures? Dr Dave Chapman
Session 5:  Soils, nutrients and environment  
How much nitrogen is recovered from autumn fertiliser application in a dairy pasture over the growing season? Dr Helen Suter
A survey of dairy cow wintering in Canterbury Dr Paul Edwards
Bacterial processes associated with soil carbon after application of composted manure to dairy pastures Professor Lynette Abbott
Trans-10 octadecenoic acid concentration in milk fat can be used to predict methane yield of dairy cows Dr Peter Moate
Session 6:  Physiology, nutrition, reproduction and health  
Pre-calving and early lactation factors that predict milk casein and fertility in the transition dairy cow Ms Rachael Rodney
Exploring the effect of live yeast on lactation performance through its interaction with the rumen microbial meta-transcriptome during sub-acute rumen acidosis Dr Nicola Walker 
Session 7: Technology, Modeling, Data and Automation  
Australian AMS KPI Project: monitoring 9 commercial farms A/Prof Kendra Kerrisk
Status and Future Perspectives of Smart Tools for the Dairy Industry Ms Eva Schröer-Merker
Assessing the reliability of short-term dynamic and statistical weather forecasts in simulating hindcast pasture growth rates Dr Matthew Harrison
Smarter Irrigation for Profit - Increasing farm profit through efficient use of irrigation input to dairy pastures Dr James Hills
Use of Audio Stimuli to Induce Voluntary Traffic with Dairy Heifers Mr Will Russell
Precision grazing management: Using an innovation network approach to match farmer practice with grazing decision support tool design Dr Callum Eastwood
A decision support tool for autumn management Mr Mark Neal
Session 8:  Nutrition and feeding of grazing cattle  
Whole tract digestibility and nitrogen use efficiency of partial mixed rations with and without canola meal Dr Martin Auldist
Energy balance of lactating Holstein-Friesian cows with divergent residual feed intake Dr Leah Marett
Sunflower oil supplementation decreased over 21% of methane emission from Holstein x Gyr lactating dairy cows grazing tropical grass A/Prof Alex Vieira Chaves
Session 9:  Genetics and Breeding   
The impact of genetic selection on greenhouse gas emissions in Australian dairy cattle Dr Jennie Pryce
Perennial ryegrass breeding and the scaling issue: A review of systems experiments investigating milk production and profit differences between cultivars Ms Stacey Hendriks
Future scenarios selection tool for heat tolerance in Australian dairy cattle Dr Thuy Nguyen
Genetic gain in perennial ryegrass Dr Cathal Wims