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About us

Our Humble Beginnings

We were once just a group of people with a dream to get started on a field and supply fresh farm-produce to the city. After much hard work, research and studying, we can finally say that our dream has come true.

With a special place in our hearts for animals of all kinds, we wanted to provide the Brisbane locality with an option of high-quality, nourishing food that comes from protected and loved animals. So many businesses tend to over-work and go too far in capitalizing on their livestock. Now, as a team, we work to make sure that we do our duties and stay within the animal rights guidelines while making an honest living.

The Mission

Our mission is to get the fridges in Brisbane filled with fresh and vitalizing dairy products.

We believe in all those cliché motos on healthy eating, and to an extent, they are the basis of our mission statement. The most prominent one?

"you are what you eat".

Live your best life by implementing this advice, and bring healthy and nourishing options into your house for your own and your family's good.

Using a unique and forceful blend of the scientific practices and native, time-old traditions, we have come up with a modern solution that fits the twenty-first century's requirements.

With procedures and schedules bent on ensuring proper animal-treatment and cattle-contentment, an economical approach to the farming scene, and the objective to reduce the environmental footprint, we intend to deliver high-quality farm goods right to your doorstep.

Choosing adssymposium means you pick the healthier, more responsible, better choice for yourself. So, make the change and witness the improvement.

Our Story

It's a fast-paced world, that is riding high on capitalization. Acquiring wholesome, organic food has become a luxury that not many can boast off, with the majority reduced to a manufactured, preservative-rich diet.
We aim to reduce this unnatural practice, and bring the world back into the arms of mother nature – one morsel of nutritious goodness at a time. Experience the freshness of dairy and farm produce like never before with Adssymposium!
As big believers in" you are what you eat", let us take you back to the roots of humanity, and revitalize every day with pure salubrity!.
Natural &

Natural & Organic

Bring a taste of nature's most excellent to your household, and enjoy the simple things in life with our farm-fresh produce.
Dairy plays a significant role in every household and is one of the essential food groups. Build a strong foundation for your kids and yourself by consuming the most healthy and supplementing options you can.

Featured Recipe

Australian made and enjoyed nation-wide, we've got a cute recipe here for you today: fairy bread!
Enjoy this beautiful and delicious kiddie treat, that's been an Australian tradition since the 1920s. On a slice of soft bread, spread margarine or butter, and add the sprinkles. Cut into triangles for the full experience, and remember to share!