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New Technology

What We Do

At Adssymposium Farm, we offer dairy farms providing the new technology services like installing automatic cup removers, automatic detection of mastitis, wearable technology, i.e., cow collars and drone monitoring of the heard.

Automatic Cup Removers

Here at Adssymposium Farm, we have introduced the automatic cup removing technology to speed up the milking procedure that offers a significant reduction in labour. We can install these automatic cup removers to the existing AMS

Automatic Mastitis Detection

To monitor milk from individual cows during milking for mastitis indicators, the latest technology of 'Automatic Mastitis Detection' is available at our farm. It provides an in-time alarm for the cows to get checked at a clinic ASAP.

Use of Cow Collars

With cow collars, you can collect data on the health, happiness and happiness of your cattle. We offer this service at our farm with expertise in data collection about all the information gathered by this wearable technology.

Drone Monitoring of Herd

We offer drone monitoring of cattle at our farm with experts at the monitoring terminal. Drone monitoring technology is helpful as you can monitor your herd's location without even leaving your chair and make sure everything is alright.