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Dairy Farming

What We Do

Adssymposium Farm provides thorough servicing for animal breeding, all milking parlour services, selecting best cows for getting high quality and quantity of milk, automated milking for increased milk production and milk preservation at farms.

Working on Best Breeding Processes of Cows

We bring you the service of cows breeding, using the best procedures like Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer (MOET) and Artificial Insemination. Breeding processes are performed under the provision of Experts, and they make sure of a successful outcome.

Selecting The Best Cows for getting More Milk

For high milk yields, we ensure proper and chief selection of cows. The healthier the cow is, the more will be the milk yields. Also, we provide a suitable atmosphere at the farm to guarantee healthy and happy cows.

Milk Preservation at Farm

Milk is a highly perishable commodity, and for preventing it from getting spoiled, we confirm the preservation processes are fully operative. Different facilities like pasteurization, sterilization and cold storage are available at our farm for proper milk preservation.

Automated Milking

Automated milking services are also available at our farm for a better milking experience. Robotic milking ensures udder health of the animal due to a consistent and unvaried milking, and it also reduces the labour need at the farms.